Know What is Missing in Sharing Economy?


Sharing Economy is the new buzz word in the market, Today when you look around from the time we get up from bed to we go back to bed one common thing is   sharing. Today we share a cab with someone we don’t know, we share a bike ride, we share a travel stay with someone we don’t know &  that too in a new place . Suddenly I realised from food to office we share with others who are totally new.

Woww that sounds so cool. There used to be a time people used to hesitate to talk with strangers. A Tremendous change in the way we operate.

It reminds me a great indian etiquette that’s been carried from ages.

Sharing is Caring

Especially that’s been taught to us from an early stage in schools as well as at home. I am talking about the generation those were born before 80-90’s , for rest by default they are in the sharing echo system.

It all started digitally with facebook , initially we shared our feelings only to our own friends slowly now we share it with public. Now we reached beyond the region in sharing our feelings through a content sharing platform Facebook.

Take the scenario of OYO Rooms, It all started  initially by sharing rooms  in hotel & slowly expanded it to running the hotel for whom running hotel is a sapre business. Business people whose spare income is from a hotel has slowly accepted that some one to use their asset to run business both the parties started making money.

OLA is another scenario where people has started putting spare car in OLA or Uber to earn extra income now it has become a profession for few people to earn daily income. While it’s benefited OLA & Car owner to earn income by sharing spare car.

Sharing is not only fixing a problem of using idle assets but also became mainstream of income generation.

While Sharing Economy on raise on for an individual i saw a gap in the market that there is nothing to share idle assets in my business with other business.

Know what is missing in sharing economy



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